2008 interesting facts...

Some cool results of the 2008 Drawing Day event

  • Google returns over 180,000 listings for the term "Drawing Day 2008" View results (most of these being passionate blogs)
  • Blogger.com featured the Drawing Day blog in their "noteworthy blogs" section
  • The Drawing Day website had 60,000 visitors in the month leading up to Drawing Day
  • On Drawing Day, drawingday.org reached a traffic rank of 25,199 - Wow!
  • 1000+ joined our Facebook Group, 350+ joined our Flickr group, and hundreds more to our other social groups

Drawing Day 2008 - a success and an inspiration

2008 was the first year of our Drawing Day initiative and considering we had only 5 weeks from the launch of our website until the actual event - the results were very inspiring. Google returns over 180,000 results from the phrase "drawing day 08" - most of these from bloggers supporting the event. From the response and constant emails we received, we know that Drawing Day is something the art world really needs and loves. 1 million drawings in a day was a huge goal and we were far from being close, but there is no way we're going to stop striving for this magic number in the years ahead. Like any event in it's first year, we can only improve and it makes us more determined. The good news is, next year we'll be off to a flying start and rather than having 5 weeks to prepare for the event - we have 12 months! Whatever you do, don't forget about Drawing Day - we will reach our goal and we still need your support.

Below is compiled a list of the various communities that hosted Drawing Day events and links to their galleries showcasing Drawing Day drawings.

Drawing Day at DeviantArt


Results: A search for "Drawing Day" and "drawingday" on Deviant are shows there were 2,600 drawings submitted for Drawing Day

- View all DeviantART Drawing Day drawings

Deviant Art website

DeviantART is one of the largest online art communities. DeviantArtists that learned of our event were very excited. Here's hoping the folks at DeviantART take notice and understand how their community and the art communty could benefit from their support.

Drawing Day at RateMyDrawings


Results: RateMyDrawings hosted an online drawing competition for Drawing Day. 1,897 Drawings were created online for this event.

- View the top RateMyDrawings Drawing Day drawings
- View all Drawing Day drawings on RateMyDrawings

Sample Drawing Day drawing

The RMD community responded well to the Drawing Day event reporting 70% more activity over Drawing Day weekend than usual. This is one example of how art communities that communicate well to their audience can really benefit from Drawing Day. Running a weekend long competition for the most drawings submitted was key to success.

Draw on YouTube


Asking people to create a video is a big ask - but passionate artists from YouTube were happy to participate.

- Over 100 drawing videos uploaded
- 86 users subscribed to our YouTube channel.

- View YouTube Drawing Day videos

Users drawing on YouTube

Video on the web is HOT! In the next 12 months more and more people will have the ability to upload videos online and have more recording devices such as iPhones. We expect big results from the YouTube community next year. Get ready - subscribe to our YouTube channel

Drawing Day on Facebook


The Facebook Group: Over 1050 Facebook members joined the Facebook group
- 280 drawings were added to the group
- Many users used the Graffiti app to draw on their profiles however we are unable to track how many

- View all Facebook Drawing Day drawings

Facebook group drawings

The facebook group is continuing to grow fast in preparation for next years Drawing Day event.
Join the Facebook group NOW!

Drawing Day on Flickr


The Flickr Group: Over 350 Flickr members joined the Flickr group
Just over 600 drawings were added to the Drawing Day group pool on Flicker
You will need to join the group and be logged in to browse all drawings)

- View all Flickr pool Drawing Day drawings

Flicker group results

Flickr has a huge audience, most avid photographers but a growing number of artists use Flickr to showcase their art. The Flickr group will continue to grow in preparations for next years event.

Drawing Day on Second Life via sLiterary


Second Life is a 3D virtual world
The results the sLiterary team had were just too cool! Ina Centaur led a twenty-four hour "art marathon", creating 4 sketches per hour 24 hours straight while rallying Second Life artists to participate on Drawing Day
About 100 drawings were created in this virtual world for Drawing Day
- View images and video from the sLiterary gallery

SecondLife on DrawingDay

Second Life to those that know of it, is huge. To enter this virtual world and walk into the room during this event was amazing. Be sure to check out the screenshots from the event here. As more artists learn about Second Life, I'm sure more people will participate.


Results: Approx 150 drawinigs were submitted to the Drawing Day group by the Red Bubble community. The quality and enthusiasm of artists on Red Bubble reflects the user base on Red Bubble and we can only expect their community participation in future events to grow.

- Browse the Red Bubble Drawing Day drawings


Results: This cartoon community contrubuted 108 drawings for Drawing Day. This cartoon focused community is fairly new and small but they obvioulsy know how to rally up their members to contribute to our event..

- Browse the DrawCartonsOnline Drawing Day drawings

  brooklyn artproject

Results: Members of the Brooklyn Art Project contributed 42 drawings for Drawing Day. The website hopes to put huge efforts into and event for next year. This small community of artists are no strangers to art events so expect big things.
- Browse Brooklyn Artproject Drawing Day drawings


Results: Creative Stem contributed 35 drawings with some very high quality artwork from it's overly talented members. Creative Stem is a failry new community but what they lack in numbers they sure make up for in quality.

- Browse the Creative Stem Drawing Day drawings

  Amateur Illustrator

Results: Amateur Illustrator members contrubuted 32 drawings for Drawing Day. Although members did not participate in huge numbers, some really amazing art was specifically created for the event. Amateur Illustrator is a fast growing community of dedicated artists. Look out next year!

- Browse the Amateur Illustrator Drawing Day drawings

  Paper Demon

Results: Paper Demon members contrubuted 21 drawings for Drawing Day some were simple uploaded art and others were created online via their oekaki drawing applet.

- Browse the Paper Demon Drawing Day drawings


And many many more...

Since our event is such an open community project, it is hard for us to track all drawings created on Drawing Day across the web. Many artists simply like to draw offline and post drawings to their personal blog. We're sure that are big numbers out there to bloggers who contributed in a more passive way - after all we can see about 180,000 results in google with the phrase "Drawing Day 2008", yes the phrase - not the individual words (see for yourself) - no doubt many of these fall into this category.