Submit your drawings - 3 ways you can participate

Drawings can be created on paper or using any drawing software. Draw any subject you like, just make sure it is appropriate viewing for all ages. Paper drawings will need to be scanned and saved as JPG images so they can be uploaded. Check out our tips on preparing your files.
Submissions are now open all weekend and for 1 week after our event

1. Upload to any art community

Art communities across the web are embracing Drawing Day. Submit your drawings to any of the participating websites.

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2. Upload to

Submit your drawings to and they will appear in our online gallery.

Login with Facebook and we'll automatically post them to your Facebook wall to share with your friends.

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3. Draw online at

Draw online using our free HTML5 online drawing tool. Any drawings created will automatically be uploaded to our online gallery.

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Tips for scanning or preparing your files for uploading

Online art communities all have different requirements for uploading files to their websites. We recommend saving your drawings using the following settings to ensure they are compatible with as many websites as possible.
- JPG files are the most commonly accepted format, we recommend using this format
- Resolutions of at least 1 megapixel will ensure good quality (1024 x 768 pixels) in either portrait or landscape format (or square)
- If scanning in a letter or A4 size piece of paper, scan at 150 DPI. For smaller size paper use 300 DPI.
For drawings to be considered for our book, they should be acceptable quality. The settings above are a good guide.